January 28, 2021

2020-21 Mid-Term PM – Titi Ogufere – Renewed Hope, Renewed Efforts

With a difficult year behind us, on behalf of all at IFI, I wish you a great new year ahead!

Despite 2020’s enforced restrictions, at IFI we were proactive and productive. Last year we worked on initiatives including the launch of the IFI Insite communication platform, IFI Design to Designers (IFI D2D), and contributing to Design Diffusion News Magazine (DDN) with our ‘IFI Voices: Exchanging Ideas’. We are especially excited with this opportunity for IFI to showcase creativity and talent from our members and community around the world. In addition, we completed and delivered the IFI Interior Architecture/ Design Education Policy (IFI IA/D EP) initiative. 2021 ushers in an exciting year for both ongoing and new IFI programs and connections for making our world design community ever stronger.

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