About IFI

The International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers (IFI) is the global voice and authority for professional Interior Architects / Designers. It is the singular international federating body for Interior Architecture / Design organizations. IFI acts as a global forum for the exchange and development of knowledge and experience in worldwide education, research and practice. IFI connects the international community to further the impact, influence and application of the design of interiors, promote global social responsibility and raise the status of the profession worldwide.

the sole international federating body for Interior Architecture/Design organizations…

Founded in 1963 as a not-for-profit to expand the international network of professional Interior Architects / Designers, as an Association’s Association, IFI represents close to a quarter-million designers, educators and industry stakeholders in the international design community in all continents, collectively representing practicing Interior Architects / Designers worldwide.


IFI exists to expand, internationally and across all levels of society, the contribution of the Interior Architecture/Design profession through the exchange and development of knowledge and experience in education, research and practice, through fellowship and community

Core Values

IFI is founded on five core values that guide its membership, support its programs and shape its future:

  • Lead the Interior Design discipline into the future
  • Further public awareness of the influence and impact of Interior Design
  • Connect the global Interior Architecture/Design profession and community to identify and provide design solutions to global problems
  • Establish and implement world standards and guidelines for the profession, education and research by establishing and adopting best practices
  • Educate the profession through actionable programs, events and publications

Strategic Goals

  • Assist and facilitate in the exchange of professional and educational knowledge
  • Encourage international co-operation, in education, business, design and social awareness
  • Provide information on economic, political and technical developments for Interior Design
  • Create an organization of global service to the Interior Architecture/Design Profession by facilitating industry and government involvement
  • Use the Professional skills of Interior Architects/Designers to uplift communities and observe social responsibility
  • Liaise with other international design-related organizations.
  • Promote the contribution of Interior Design in society across the world and develop a platform of design advocacy and policy

Definition of a Professional Interior Architect/Designer

Qualified by education, experience and applied skills, the professional Interior Architect/Designer accepts the following responsibilities:

  • Identify, research and creatively solve problems pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment
  • Perform services relating to interior spaces including programming, design analysis, space planning, aesthetics and inspection of work on site, using specialized knowledge of interior construction, building systems and components, building regulations, equipment, materials and furnishings
  • Prepare schematics, drawings and documents relating to the design of interior space in order to enhance the quality of life and protect the health, safety, welfare and environment of the public.