About IFI

IFI – the International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers (IFI) is the only world-level federation serving the Interiors community’s experts, industry, enthusiasts and policymakers.

A membership organization, we offer opportunities for entities ranging from professional practitioners and design firms to educational and government institutions, design promoters and national associations to directly join and participate in our world community, network and activities.

Our membership represents close to a quarter-million designers, educators and industry stakeholders in the international Interior Architecture/Design discipline across all continents.


Improving life through design in an ever-changing world


Build world community through cooperation and fellowship

Raise Interiors’ worldwide awareness and recognition of design excellence and positive impacts across society and culture

Expand the contribution and influence of the Interior Architecture/Design profession

Core Objectives

IFI is focused on five core areas of service to the profession that guide our interaction with members, support our programs and shape our future:

  • Building a broad and comprehensive world design community
  • Establishing guidelines and raising standards for Interiors’ research, education and practice
  • Showcasing the value and benefits of Interiors to the general public
  • Shaping the societal impact related to Interiors
  • Writing policy for the discipline and putting it into practice for long-lasting impact

Social Responsibility Statement

IFI believes in the power of Design as a vehicle for human betterment and productive improvement. We recognize that all people are equal across the world, and that well-designed environments help to uplift humanity and civil society.

IFI promotes equal rights and access to Interior Architecture/Design practice, research and education to all who wish to pursue it. This is regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, cultural heritage and socio-economic background, and not-withstanding disparities brought forth across different regional contexts.

IFI maintains that quality Design requires to consideration of evolving factors such as technological innovation, globalization, economic and political instability and social inequality, as well as holistic consideration of the environmental and sustainability factors.