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Professional Member

Professional Members form the core of membership of IFI. This category of membership represents the professional body of IFI and determines the actions undertaken by IFI through their voting status. Professional Members are National Professional Associations of Interior Architects/Designers representing their territory/country. Annual membership fees are US $1,000*.

Professional Membership Application.

Provisional Member

Professional associations and organizations comprised of Interior Architects/Designers representing their country/territory who are not yet eligible to become Professional Members. Limited in time, Provisional Members are expected to apply for Professional status upon obtaining qualifying status. Annual membership fees are US $1,000*.

Provisional Membership Application.

Educational Member

Educational institutions, academic departments/schools and/or research groups who are involved in teaching and researching Interior Architecture and Interior Design. Annual membership fees are US $750*.

Educational Membership Application.

Promotional Member

Associations/Organizations whose primary objective is the promotion of design such as design centers, museums, trade shows, exhibition venues, expositions and award programs. Annual membership fees are US $2,500*.

Promotional Membership Application.

Corporate Member

Multi-national, regional and local Interior Architecture/Design practices/firms and/or related firms with a dedicated Interior Architecture/Design division, such as commercial, hospitality, transportation, institutional, healthcare and retail. Annual membership fees are US $2,500*.

Corporate Membership Application.

Governmental Member

Multi-national, regional and local government bodies including educational, scientific, economic and cultural divisions involved in design-related or built environment issues; design advocacy councils and trade commissions. Government members are uniquely positioned to work with IFI in the development and implementation of design policy. Annual membership fees are US $2,500*.

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Institutional Member

Established Associations/Organizations/Institutions committed to design that do not fit into other categories of membership. Annual membership fees are US $2,500*.

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Resource Council Member

The IFI Resource Council consists of influential members closely related to the Interior Architecture/Design industry and associated companies, including manufacturers, vendors, showrooms, sales teams, contractors, service providers and product specialists. This membership fosters a close working relationship between the industry influencers who can help to shape professional outcomes, envisioned and delivered, together with our world community of Interior Architects / Designers and IFI.  We do this to benefit the research, education and professional development for the Interior Architecture / Design community worldwide.

Resource Council Membership Application.

*All first time members must pay a US $1,000 administration fee.

For potential Professional and Provisional Members experiencing national economic hardship, please note Financial Hardship Membership applicability, found in each respective category application.