Category offers the benefit of being included in IFI’s diverse membership and world networks for stakeholders across design and design-related institutions and industry. IFI Community Membership delivers access and support to the discipline’s community, its collective design knowledge-sharing and wide-ranging event participation at the world level. It provides commensurate-level benefits, support and opportunities for those seeking direct affiliation with IFI. Entities may apply from a variety of other fields related to or interested in Interior Architecture/Design who wish to learn about and help to advance the Interiors discipline at the world level, through and by the power of design, for the betterment and wellbeing of all.

Admission Criteria
  1. Professionals or stakeholders (individuals or established entities)
  2. Operating in the field of Interior Architecture/Design
  3. This category allows admission for entities and stakeholders with a general interest in Interior Architecture/Design
  1. Recognized affiliation with the world voice and authority for professional Interior Architects/Designers, and contribution to the profession’s advancement
  2. First-hand involvement in shaping the perception, direction and focus of the Interior Architecture/Design discipline at the national, regional and global level through engagement with IFI programs and activities promoted on the world stage
  3. Singular positioning for directly impacting Interior Architecture/Design conversation and approaches both locally and globally, through suggestions for content and programs
  4. Unique by-invitation opportunity for insights, project and activity showcase to a wider international audience through inclusion in IFI and Media Partner spotlights across a variety of channels and platforms (print, digital, social media)
  5. Access to and involvement with a worldwide community of practitioners, educators and industry stakeholders through exclusive member-only content
  6. Permission to use “IFI Community Member” logo on all corporate materials for current membership year
  7. Certificate of Membership on an annual basis issued upon payment of annual fees
  1. Annual Fees of USD250.00 per year (plus USD35.00 processing fees)