The core membership of IFI, this category represents the professional body of IFI. This category determines the actions undertaken by IFI through their voting status. Professional Members are recognized, national professional associations of interior architects/designers representing their territory/country.

Admission Criteria
  1. National professional associations of interior architects/interior designers, or
  2. National professional associations of architects and/or designers, comprising a section of interior architects/interior designers
  3. Meet the criteria 1 or 2 (listed above), and have been in existence for at least three (3) years, and meet IFI’s requirements of representativeness and professional standards

Regional associations are not allowed to become members in this category

  1. Voting rights (one vote per member)
  2. Participation at IFI General Assembly (IFI GA) for a maximum of 3 delegates per member
    • Participation at IFI GA allows for influence of outcomes and decision making, affecting the profession in your county, region, and the world. Applicability to become world players.
  3. 30% discount on IFI endorsement fees for events organized by member
  4. Access to all IFI documents inclusive of Minutes of Meetings, etc.
  5. Participation in all IFI activities with special discount rates for members
  6. Access to all IFI Publications at discounted rates e.g. IFI International Interiors Annual, White Papers, etc.
  7. Participation in IFI Think Tanks, etc.
  8. Participation in al IFI Global Awards Program (IFI GAP), and recognition at the world level for interiors and join this community concerned with advancement of interior architecture/design globally.
    • This awards program includes IFI PRIZE, IFI Fellowships, IFI Design Journalism Award, and IFI Design Excellence Awards. Help your country and its exceptional designers be recognized at the world level for interiors and design.
  9. Listing on IFI website with logo which is hyper-linked to own website
  10. Permission to use “Professional Member of IFI” logo on all corporate materials, for current membership year, inclusive of member association letterheads, name cards, etc.
  11. Certificate of Membership on an annual basis issued upon payment of annual fee
  12. Global recognition through affiliation with IFI
  13. Participate in all conversations about Interiors at the world level for the profession, learning new information and expressing your understandings, inquiries, and perspectives with designers at the global level
  14. Participate in important global community building, celebratory and awareness causing programs such as World Interiors Day (IFI WID). Your national design community and schools can participate and showcase your county, as well as learn from all other countries about their interpretations for interiors.
  15. With an IFI process in hand, you will have the opportunity to work with your city and national government to have the Interiors Declaration (a product of Interiors input from 88 countries) be adopted by mayors of cities and engage with your local government in the importance of Interior Design for all citizens.
  16. Interiors Declaration adoption allows members to join in a rarefied network and group of world cities that have already adopted the Declaration – please see this info on our website at
  17. Unique by-invitation opportunity for insights, project and activity showcase to a wider international audience through inclusion in IFI and Media Partner spotlights across a variety of channels and platforms (print, digital, social media)
  18. Most importantly use of IFI membership builds associations national strength based on a strong and impactful community of interior architects/designers from around the world.
  19. Participation in all IFI activities with special discount rates for members, where applicable.
  20. Receipt of all IFI communications – able to be disseminated to all of the association’s members
  1. One-time Initiation Fee of USD1,000.00
  2. Annual Fees of USD1,000.00 (plus USD50.00 processing fees)