IFI Resource Council

The IFI Resource Council consists of influential members closely related to the Interior Architecture/Design industry and associated industries, including manufacturers, vendors, showrooms, sales teams, contractors, service providers and product specialists.

The purpose of this membership is to foster close working relationship between the industry players with Professional Interior Architects/Designers and IFI so as to benefit the entire Global Interior Design community as a whole.

Companies may choose to sponsor specific programs of IFI and in doing so will be given a Resource Council membership which the subscription for the first year will be waived as well as the Initiation Fees.





Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, established in 1874, is Italy’s oldest worker/producer cooperative. It is a unique case of industrial historiography that has succeeded in preserving its traditions and blending past and present, thanks to its continuous combination of know-how and new research. Today it is a leading group in the market for flooring and coverings, a symbol of products made in Italy around the world. Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola markets its products under the following brand identities: Imola, LaFaenza and Leonardo.


Eagle Ceramics

Guangdong Foshan Shiwan Eagle Brand Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale international enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of ceramic tiles. For more than 44 years since its establishment in 1974, Eagle has been a leader in the Chinese ceramics industry. Since 1998, Eagle Group has been participating to the renowned ceramic fair Cersaie annually held in the Italian city of Bologna: the Group has been representing the Chinese ceramics industry for 20 consecutive years, leading the internationalization process of the Chinese ceramic market.

Eagle Group has also been one of the earliest Chinese brands that managed to successfully enter the international arena and whose products have been exported to more than 100 markets, such as the United States, Italy, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa (just to mention a few) and whose trademarks have been registered in 10 regions such as Hong Kong SAR (PRC), Taiwan (ROC), South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, UK and Spain.


GuangDong Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1984, GuangDong Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. (Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics) is one of the well-known ceramic enterprises in China that comprises of scientific research, production and sales. Their headquarters are located in “China Ceramic Town” – Foshan and 10 large modern ceramic production plants in mainland China. Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics is one of the largest production scales in the industry among the world and one of the largest export volumes of ceramic enterprises in China.

The brand has a comprehensive product line. It produces and sells antique tiles, full-body marble, micro crystal, polished tiles, compound stone and other categories at over 1000 domestic sales outlets and 120 overseas market networks worldwide.

Since 2015, Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics has joined Guangzhou Design Week and launched the first reality show “Chinese Design Elites”. The focus is on the design and quality, which makes for a successful and remarkable competition in China. “China Design Elites” has made great noise in the design industry and discovers various potential young, elite designers for the profession.


Jangho Group Company Limited

Jangho Group Company Limited (“Jangho”), founded in 1999, is a large- scale multinational enterprise, headquartered in Beijing, previously named as Beijing Jangho Curtain Wall Company Limited.

Taking “for people’s living environment, health and benefits” as its mission, Jangho actively explores business in the fields of green architectural decoration and health care by sticking to the strategy of “dual-core business, diversified development”. Up until now, with many top brands, namely JANGHO, Sundart, Gangyuan, SLD, Vision and Zeming, the business of Jangho has extended to more than 20 countries and regions worldwide, making it play a leader role in the stage of curtain wall, interior decoration, and health care.  In addition, Jangho has been honored with many qualifications and glories, such as National High-tech Enterprise, the member of the first batch of National Intellectual Property Enterprises, the National Model Enterprise in Technology Innovation, National Technical Center of Enterprise and Post-doctoral Research Center with National Recognition, etc.  It often appears on the lists of China Top 500 Listed Enterprises and China Top 500 Private Enterprises.


Lihe Lighting Expo Center

Lihe Lighting Expo Center is a modern and global lighting transaction platform with strong operation capacity and integrated service with a collection of domestic and foreign people, goods, and capital. The 3,000 unique property shop display centers created by Lighting Expo Center allow lighting business owners to have their autonomous property undertaking, which provides an ideal business premises for those enterprises with rapid growth to establish the world never-ending lighting expo transaction grand stage.


L&D Ceramics

L&D Ceramics Brand was founded in 2003 and is the major brand of Jiamei Company of Wonderful Group. L&D Ceramics follows the exploration spirit and artistic thought of the Renaissance, seeks for the cultural origin from the decoration art, discovers the design inspiration from home life, and searches for the perfect combination of home decoration and humanism.

L&D Ceramics has nearly 1000 authorized stores all around Chinawith products exported to foreign markets such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia. L&D Ceramics integrates the latest decoration materials and modern design thought, and has been reputed as “the Master of Life Design” as the sample of highest design aesthetics and artistic connotation in the building ceramics field.

Precise in product and focus on value, L&D Ceramics advocates the perfect combination of art and life, pursues the visual effect and shows the life value and connotation of the possessor. From true-life to abstract, from colorful romance to precise delicacy, from the massive of classic to the concise of post-modern, from comfortable liberty to the noble luxury, L&D Ceramics is full of the styles of life and enlightens the thinking of modern people to home culture and artistic life.


Nest Award

Nest Award was initiated in 1999, and collaborated with China Building Decoration Association under the government system for six years. Later, Nest Award established a committee, oriented by scholars and researchers focused on interior design, specifically, residential. The Award is a leading prize in the interior design circle, considered to be China’s Pritzker Prize. Around 5,000 global participants submit their work each year, with support from Chinese scholars, designers, and other collaborations such as Beijing Design Week, Brera, and Politecnico di Milano. Nest Award specializes in guiding and supporting young designers, helping them to succeed in the profession.


Red Star Macalline Group

Red Star Macalline Home Group (Red Star Macalline Group) operates some 364 home building materials sites, including 81 self-operated shopping malls and 230 commissioned shopping malls. Since their beginning, Red Star Macalline Group has been making unremitting efforts to realize the corporate vision of “building the world’s commercial brand of the Chinese nation”. Over the past 30 years, from a local furniture franchise store to the ninth-generation Shopping Mall-style one-stop experience home shopping mall, Red Star Macalline Group has continuously upgraded and innovated, gathering more than 800 domestic high-end brands and more than 400 imported brands to be sold throughout their mall locations. Always adhering to the goal of creating taste art and spreading home art, Red Star Macalline Group is committed to improving the Chinese people’s home tastes. As a company looking to the future for green design and sustainability, it is responsible for the environmental protection of each family’s home, and is committed to pursuing the aesthetic development of China’s home furnishing industry. Red Star Macalline Group is committed to promoting the development of the entire Chinese home furnishings industry, and at the same time, promoting the development of green homes and harmonious society in the whole society by increasing support for green environmental protection brands. The product quality and environmental protection standards of various industries formulated by Red Star Macalline Group have been approved by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, and are enhancing the home design industry of China.


Theodore Alexander Inc.

Theodore Alexander is the world’s premier high-end home furnishing manufacturer. Our comprehensive collections consist of several thousand designs, providing traditional, modern and eclectic furniture and accessories to our customers.

Theodore Alexander has become eminent in its field – renowned as a unique brand embodying quality in design and craftsmanship. To us, quality is paramount and we aim for excellence in every single piece. We strive for innovative designs and create furniture to last lifetimes.

Founded in 1996 by the enigmatic Paul Maitland Smith, an industry legend who pioneered high end furniture production throughout Asia for the past 25 years, Theodore Alexander has now become one of the world’s largest high end furnishing manufacturers. Our reach is global through a retailer network that spans far and wide.



Established in 1922, Treca has been concentrating on exquisite craftsmanship and providing extraordinary sleep to customers for more than 90 years. Treca is recognized as the national treasure level mattress brand in France. Treca pays high attention to each process from raw materials to finished products manufacturing. Adhering to the unique craftsmanship to make the exquisite mattress through cutting, sewing, quilting, upholstering and tape edging, etc., Treca has long been recognized as the first brand of mattress in Europe.

Treca has been selected by presidential suites of luxury hotels around the world and was also the partner of the 2014 French Open. We aim at providing every customer the experience of sleep artwork since 1922. The legend goes on, the craftsman will continue to serve people and solve sleep problems. Today, you do not have to go abroad to the world’s best and most expensive hotels to find a good sleep. Having Treca, you will have the most comfortable bedding at home and enjoy your private ultimate deep sleep.





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Objeto Brasil

The Objeto Brasil Association was created in 1996 to disseminate all sectors of Brazilian design, both nationally and internationally. Objeto Brasil believe’s that design has impact across economic, social and environmental sustainability and is closely related to quality of life. Historically, they have partnered with local and international design organizations, Brazilian government at both local and federal levels, and with major international companies, regional industry and media outlets. The Association has several international partners, among them City of Seoul Administration, Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), Taiwan Design Center, Seoul Design Foundation, FIAT, and IFI.

Objeto Brasil offers superior connections to government and high-level industry representatives (both design and design-related) in Brazil and throughout broader regions of South America. Facilitating relationships, promoting the value of design and designers, and spreading knowledge throughout Brazil as well as the globe, Objeto Brasil is a leader in both the local and abroad design industries.




l’Arca International


l’Arca International is the first magazine published in three languages (French/Italian/English) entirely devoted to the world of modern-day design. Architecture, design and visual communication are the focal points of every issue. l’Arca International is the result of a publishing project that began thirty years ago and which, thanks to the awareness and enthusiasm of its founders, has constantly updated itself through new content, columns, sections and contributions.

In 1986 Cesare Maria Casati, a designer, architect and follower of Gio Ponti and also the former editor-in-chief of Domus, set up the publishing house l’Arca Edizioni Spa and the magazine l’Arca in Milan. When in 1994 the editor met Edmond Pastor, an enthusiast and connoisseur of the world of architecture, it was the start of a brand-new publishing enterprise: the creation of the publishing and events management company S.A.M. MDO based in Monte Carlo. The first issue of l’Arca International came out in 1996, and in 2012 began to be published in three languages in one single edition. In its twenty-year history l’Arca International has stood out due to its open and conscientious vision, offering a free and objective overview of quality, innovation, research and experimentation by architectural designers in various countries around the world. Going against the grain of pre-established trends, preconceived visions or dominant styles, l’Arca International has now gained itself a privileged niche in specialist publishing of the highest quality, attracting a growing number of readers among professionals, architects, designers, business people and architecture enthusiasts. Distributed in Europe, French-speaking nations, Italy, United States, Korea, Japan and China, l’Arca International also appears at all the major professional shows and exhibitions.



Designwire is a strategic media partner for IFI’s Global Awards Program (IFI GAP), which recognizes and awards design excellence at the world level.

As the most influential digital media in China, Designwire gathers a highly active community of 800,000 followers from the interior design, real estate and hotel fields. High-profile domestic and international developers look through Designwire for targeting selected industry professionals via in-depth cooperation. Designwire’s media platforms are dedicated to spot groundbreaking trends in architecture, interiors, design, fashion, art, movies, and technology disciplines. It is a global window that highlights Chinese interior design works worldwide, whilst showcasing international masterpieces to China. Designwire publishes a curated selection of the best and most innovative architectural, interiors and design projects from across the globe, breaking industry news through its leading website and WeChat platforms.