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Established in 1999, the AXENT Group is a leading manufacturer of sanitary technology and a global supplier of shower toilets. To strengthen customer relations and extend its global reach, AXENT opened its US office in 2003 and developed a European base in Switzerland in 2008.

AXENT’s product portfolio includes leading-edge shower toilets, high-quality sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and bathtubs as well as innovative performance technology for bathroom products.

The company’s key to success is a combination of industry knowledge, in-house expertise and continuous research into new technologies.

With 300 engineers in its research and development center, alongside 1500 employees, the AXENT Group is well positioned to achieve its vision to become the world’s most innovative and reliable provider of sanitary technology.





Beijing Easyhome Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd (Easyhome) was established in the year 1999 and currently boasting itself to be the number 1 home renovation and improvement enterprise, as well as building supply supermall owner /operator in China. It has enjoyed a high reputation of providing top notch brands and its in-house diversified home furnishing brand assortments, together with its determined commitment for product quality assurance to the consumers.

Easyhome has been recognized as one of the Top 10 business brands in the capital city of Beijing for 12 years running. It has gradually reinvigorated itself into 4 major business categories. i.e. Home furnishing, Finance, Consumer Products, Supply Chain Logistics.


GuangDong Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics Co., Ltd.



Founded in 1984, GuangDong Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. (Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics) is one of the well-known ceramic enterprises in China that comprises of scientific research, production and sales. Their headquarters are located in “China Ceramic Town” – Foshan and 10 large modern ceramic production plants in mainland China. Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics is one of the largest production scales in the industry among the world and one of the largest export volumes of ceramic enterprises in China.

The brand has a comprehensive product line. It produces and sells antique tiles, full-body marble, micro crystal, polished tiles, compound stone and other categories at over 1000 domestic sales outlets and 120 overseas market networks worldwide.

Since 2015, Xin Zhong Yuan Ceramics has joined Guangzhou Design Week and launched the first reality show “Chinese Design Elites”. The focus is on the design and quality, which makes for a successful and remarkable competition in China. “China Design Elites” has made great noise in the design industry and discovers various potential young, elite designers for the profession.





Founded by the municipal government of Guangzhou in 2006, the annual Guangzhou Design Week (GZDW) is the first domestic event in China and with 10 years of growth has become the largest.

Endorsed and promoted by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), the GZDW serves as a multi-functional platform to integrate design and innovation into business opportunities.

With its unique way of promotion, branding, and marketing services, the GZDW provides strategies and platforms such as “365+3”, “Design + Brands”, “Incubator for International Brands in China”, and “Designer Driven Marketing Solutions”, thus creating an outstanding, effective and irreplaceable business chain for industry professionals within China.

China, being the world’s second largest economy, transformed from traditional manufacturing in the 80’s into more diverse industries including design, creative, technology & development.  The GZDW played an important role in the design & creativity industry in the last decade and has gone through a long and winding road to awaken the public’s awareness on Designers & Brands Identities and their values to the business.   It inspires and proves that “Design is Value” and “Win by Design” in the market.  GZDW successfully built a platform for Chinese Designers to have their voice heard and face the world.

This design and business event not only benefits the designers but also developers, manufacturers, contractors, brand owners, distributors at home and abroad.

GZDW, aiming to CHANGE the design phenomenon in China by actively promoting its platforms across the border, strives to become a comprehensive, influential, and a cross-field event in the world.


Kohler Co.


IMOLA China (Zhuchao Group) 

Found in 1999, IMOLA China (Zhuchao Group) specializes in the commercialization of real estate and decoration values such as distribution, technology and design culture, which lead to Imola Ceramics becoming China’s first brand of imported tiles. Through a comprehensive sales network, IMOLA China provides supports to over 100,000 professional designers and has served more than 20,000 villa-resident households. It spreads the high quality of Italian products to all over China.

15 years, IMOLA ceramics has been committed to Chinese consumers to provide the most authentic Italian tiles, through the modern logistics system to high-quality services for Chinese consumers to bring Italian art life experience. At present, its market share has occupied more than 50% of China’s imported tile market, and for 8 consecutive years to maintain the tiles in China market: the market share of the first share, the first sales, and marketing services ranked first, the lowest customer complaints rate. According to China Customs data show that Italy IMOLA ceramics has become China’s largest brand of imported tiles from Italy, nesting investment group daily cargo storage capacity of 800,000 square meters. Now IMOLA China sales network has covered more than 100 cities nationwide, a total of more than 150 stores, more than 4,000 employees.

Future IMOLA China will continue to adhering to the “create a beautiful Habitat, enjoy a happy life” business vision, to meet the consumer Italian refined, elegant, artistic life pursuit.


Objeto Brasil

Associação Objeto Brasil is an Organization of Civil Society of Public Interest – OSCIP, directed to the promotion of Brazilian Design in Brazil and abroad. Founded in 1996, it is headquartered in São Paulo and has national coverage. With 17 years of existence, Objeto Brasil Association carries out projects inside and outside the country with the mission of promoting Brazilian Design.The entity, which has as president of honor the entrepreneur José Mindlin – In Memoriam – and as executive director Joice Joppert Leal, has an extensive network of international partners including Seoul City Hall and IDSA – Industrial Designers Society of America, with Who holds the IDEA / Brazil, six years ago, national edition of the IDEA Awards.

In addition to exhibitions curatorships, Objeto Brasil Association has effectively contributed to the production of knowledge, through the organization of several seminars and conferences, with the presence of renowned Design professionals and related areas. It also has in its curriculum, the edition and publication of editorial contents, which trace the state-of-the-art of Brazilian Design, constituting a reference repository.


Theodore Alexander Inc.



Theodore Alexander is the world’s premier high-end home furnishing manufacturer. Our comprehensive collections consist of several thousand designs, providing traditional, modern and eclectic furniture and accessories to our customers.

Theodore Alexander has become eminent in its field – renowned as a unique brand embodying quality in design and craftsmanship. To us, quality is paramount and we aim for excellence in every single piece. We strive for innovative designs and create furniture to last lifetimes.

Founded in 1996 by the enigmatic Paul Maitland Smith, an industry legend who pioneered high end furniture production throughout Asia for the past 25 years, Theodore Alexander has now become one of the world’s largest high end furnishing manufacturers. Our reach is global through a retailer network that spans far and wide.