March 25, 2020

President’s Message: COVID-19 + IFI Insite

OUR NEXT STEPS – Community Togetherness in Time of COVID-19

Thank you to all of you who have reached out to connect and ensure that members of our community are safe. As many parts of world head deeper into the coronavirus pandemic and we are advised to seek safety in isolation, we know that with a positive mindset, together we will conquer this virus and will emerge socially and culturally stronger while becoming better connected with each other and together as humanity.

Given IFI’s widespread community, we have always needed to connect across physical time and space. We at IFI have never been better prepared or better connected than now. We greatly appreciate the technological channels open to us for deepened community interaction and urge each of you to reach out and share your work and effort as we continue to consider creativity, ideas and solutions arising from this period of introspection and reflection.


In order to further facilitate communication and bring us together for greatest support, IFI has started a virtual meeting space called IFI Insite Community Design Reflections

We invite you to join us to discuss this week’s theme: “Design in Isolation: Environments that Reduce Stress & Anxiety.

This communication channel supports the exchange of thoughts, concepts, projects and philosophies, open and wide-ranging to stimulate continued intellectual exploration and development. All are encouraged to participate and to invite others to join. We look forward to chatting with you at IFI Insite!


For questions or assistance, please contact the IFI Secretariat at

Please also note, given closures across many nations and industries, of course, IFI@SALONE 2020 is cancelled. We look forward to robustly coordinating this event once again for 2021.
With our first priority for wellness and human health, at IFI we are working to strengthen remote programs such as IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID), with this year’s theme Nexus Interiors, now demanding a more conceptual approach with the need to define the ‘heart, node or gathering’ in ways that go beyond the physical and literal.
The IFI Secretariat is open and active as always.

Titi Ogufere
IFI President 2020-2021


Originally shared via IFI’s newsletter on March 25th, 2020, accessible here.
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