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15 / Jun / 2020

11th Annual Generative Space Award – Call for Entries

Imagine that respect for human dignity is an experience that we have consistently — regardless of where we are, what we are doing, or who we are with. Imagine having experiences of actually flourishing — that is, unprecedented releases of our human vitality – throughout our ordinary daily life…Let your imagination soar, and discover the vision of our world as it is being created through the work of The CARITAS Project.

The CARITAS Project has pioneered a learning practice that does just that. As a result of extensive international scientific research, rigorous field-testing in 6 countries, and ongoing and thorough peer-review, The CARITAS Project has established the knowledge clearinghouse for the wider community to benefit from. This knowledge-base, ‘A Place to Flourish’, is the fourth project of The CARITAS Project, building upon the ongoing work of the pioneering leaders in ‘Leading by Design’, the third project of The CARITAS Project.

This knowledge-base is available here — in these web pages, providing practical resources to enable you to learn about creating places that support human flourishing. We invite you to visit these pages often, as new documentation is being added regularly.

Welcome to the world transformed…

The CARITAS Project provides knowledge-based resources in the field of healthcare, namely how systemic and sustainable improvements in healthcare can be achieved through ‘generative space’. .