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10/01/2021 Shanghai

APDC Space Wizards Award 2021


这是一个以全球设计权威人士姓名命名的竞赛 This is a competition named after a global design authority
这是一个国际标准规格的竞赛 This is a world-class competition
这是一个属于正在不断成长过程中的设计师的竞赛 This is a competition for growing designers
这是一个全程线上进行的竞赛 It’s an online competition

获奖证书Winning Certificates

获奖证书Winning Certificates
含:项目名称+公司名称+设计师姓名 Including in: Name of Entry+ Company Name+ Designer’s Name
认证证书 Authentication Certificate
针对:设计师姓名For: designer’s name
* 证书标准镜框,需另行购买
* Standard frames for the certificate, should be purchased separately

a. 500 人民币/每件作品 a.RMB 500/per work
b. APDC会员八折优惠 b.80% for APDC Membership

收款账号 Payment Account
开户银行: 上海农商银行徐汇支行Bank of Deposit:. Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Xuhui Sub-branch

开户名称: 上海伯鲁比设计中心 Name of Account: Shanghai Bérubé Design Center

帐 号: 50131000701712985 Bank Account: 50131000701712985

参赛类别 Categories
综合商业  Complex Commercial (Building)
酒店/度假. Hotels & Resorts

餐饮/酒吧 Restaurants & Bars

住宅空间 Residential
医疗/养老 Medical/Aging-caring
零售/商店. Retails,/Shops

软装陈设 Soft Decorations
文化/娱乐 Culture/Entertainment
智能家居 Smart Home
展览/展示 Exhibition/Display
售楼/样板 Sales Center/Model Rooms
机构/办公 Institutional/Office
可持续生活/绿色 Sustainable Living/Green


各类别(完工/方案)Each Category(Completed/Conceptual)
金奖 | 银奖 | 铜奖 | 优胜奖 | 佳作奖
Gold |Silver |Bronze| Honorable Mention | Excellence

伯鲁比·年度设计大奖 Bérubé Circus of Life Prize

提交作品 Submission
1.填写参赛登记表Fill out the entry form
2.参赛报名费付款成功凭证Entry Fee Payment
3.公司LOGO/个人照片Company Logo/Personal Image
4.主要平面图Main Floor Plans
5.中文设计说明(500字以内)Design description in Chinese(500 words below)
6.英文设计说明(120个单词以内)Design description in English(120 words below)
10 photos for the project(renderings provided for the conceptual), each of which is limited to 2mb

The maximum limit of the general drawing is 2mb, pixel 200dpi.

Please send all the above information from the first to the eighth to the following email:

The confirmation email received from the organizer is regarded as the successful registration.

征集截止 Deadline 2020.9.30
整理/评审Jury Panel 10.1-11.1
公布结果Announcement 2020.11.5
颁发证书 Issuing of certificates 2020.11.6


*Offline event will not be presented.