Events > Multi-Generational Workshop- Design and Play: Game Prototyping

05/09/2024 Famagusta, North Cyprus

Multi-Generational Workshop- Design and Play: Game Prototyping

Multi-Generational Workshop Organized by EMU-DIA to Celebrate WID 2024!
The workshop entitled “Design and Play: Game Prototyping” was organized as part of EMU’s Design Week event and was offered by the EMU Interior Architecture department instructors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Guita Farivarsadri and Dr. Eliz Erdenizci, along with the Çanakkale secondary school teachers: Cem Akkaya, Ertül Erciyas, Derya Kaya, Funda Arslanyürek, and Gürkan Erdoğan. In this workshop, students from Çanakkale Secondary School and interior architecture and architecture students from EMU united in a dynamic collaboration that transcended age barriers. With a commitment to inclusivity and a multi-generational approach, participants of different ages embarked on an exciting journey to transform their game ideas into tangible prototypes. Whether through traditional mediums like paper or digital platforms, every individual had the opportunity to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. As they delved into the creative process, some students focused on designing games and toys, while others explored the realms of identity creation, logo design, promotional films, and more. Embracing a play-centric ethos, students immersed themselves in hands-on activities, unlocking the fundamentals of game-making while nurturing problem-solving skills and fostering a spirit of teamwork that bridged generational divides.