IFI Design Distinction Awards (IFI DDA)

A global design competition, IFI’s Design Distinction Awards (IFI DDA) recognize excellence in the design outcome of built projects and offer a quality peer-reviewed assessment of completed interiors from across the world.

Those recognized with an IFI DDA are leading the way in Interior Architecture/Design practice through their built work; contributing at the highest level to raising the bar of design innovation and excellence, showcasing design’s impact on the value and well-being on society and culture.

Entries comprise those submitted by Interior Architects/Designers affiliated with an IFI member organization, as well as those already recognized at the highest level nationally through award programs of IFI member organisations. All IFI members are invited to submit their nation’s top awarded and designated projects.

IFI DDA entries are considered in detail by jurors representing the top practitioners and firms globally. Finalists are invited to attend the IFI CONGRESS in November, where winners will be announced at a special ceremony and gala dinner.


The Design Distinction Awards are open to all our member networks, and practitioners working across a broad spectrum of expertise. All interior architecture/design focus areas are eligible to enter. Participation in the IFI DDA program provides IFI members with a unique opportunity to highlight the best in creative talent from their respective counties; showcasing those leading the way in design innovation on an internationally recognized world stage.

IFI members have the opportunity to enter the IFI DDA program via two routes:

  • Submitting the highest winning projects from their own design award programs
    Entry is free for those projects already recognised at the principal level nationally as part of IFI member award programs
  • Encouraging their member networks to enter the DDAs directly
    Individual members of IFI affiliated organisations are also eligible to directly submit their best built projects completed in the last two years for consideration


  1. Habitat – including dwellings, domicile and places of abode
  2. Work – including offices, industrial spaces and technical labs
  3. Health – including hospitals, medical and nursing facilities
  4. Leisure – including hotels and guesthouses, restaurants and bars, fitness and wellness centers
  5. Learning – including schools, colleges, universities, learning and educational facilities
  6. Humanitarian – including museums and galleries, sports arenas, places of worship, performing arts centers, libraries
  7. Sustainability – exemplary integrated design solutions that improve well-being whilst reducing negative impacts on the environment
  8. Students – design projects related to any other IFI DDA entry category, by a current full-time Interior Architecture/Design student

IFI DDA 2019

Entries for this program will be open for submittal on 29 March 2019.

Please check back to this site for full program details and for future IFI member communications.