Category represents multi-national, regional and local government bodies including educational, scientific, economic and cultural divisions involved in design-related or built environment issues; design advocacy councils, and trade commissions. Government members are uniquely positioned to work with IFI in the development and implementation of design policy.

Admission Criteria
  1. A national, regional or international government and/or one of their constituent departments/councils/commissions
  2. Responsible for design-related issues and/or other educational, scientific, economic or cultural concerns which are influenced by design and the work of designers
  3. Able to supply a description of government mandate and core objectives/ goals/activities/involvement/advocacy work
  1. Up to three (3) association representatives’ participation at IFI General Assembly (IFI GA) as observers of this closed biennial meeting
  2. Participation in all IFI activities with special discount rates for non-Professional members
  3. Access to all IFI Publications at discounted rates e.g. IFI International Interiors Annual, White Papers, etc.
  4. 30% discount on IFI endorsement fees for events organized by member
  5. Access to global membership network of IFI in all member countries
  6. Listing on IFI website with logo which is hyper-linked to own website
  7. Permission to use “Government Member of IFI” logo on all corporate materials, for current membership year
  8. Certificate of Membership on an annual basis issued upon payment of annual fees
  9. Global recognition through affiliation to IFI
  10. Receipt of all IFI communications – able to be disseminated within government organization
  1. One-time Initiation Fee of USD1,000.00
  2. Annual Fees of USD2,500.00 per year (plus USD50.00 processing fee)