December 22, 2019

IFI DDA Award Design & Production


IFI is honored to have partnered with the internationally renowned design studio Zaha Hadid Design, and leaders in fine natural stone CITCO, for the creation of IFI’s Design Distinction Award winner trophies. These unique awards are custom designed for the IFI GAP program, for presentation to recipients of Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards across the ten IFI DDA categories.

Established by Zaha Hadid in 2006, Zaha Hadid Design continues Hadid’s inventive methodology and process; sharing Zaha Hadid’s story and its significance within the dialogue of contemporary design. Working consistently to push boundaries and implement the latest technological and material advancements in design, Zaha Hadid Design have successfully collaborated with the world’s most respected and iconic brands to create exceptional limited-edition pieces, as well as producing acclaimed collections for their own label. Their design for the IFI DDA trophies conveys their virtuosity with fluid geometries so synonymous with the Hadid name.



“Our design conveys the collaborative, inter-disciplinary approach that is the foundation of Zaha Hadid Design. Our commitment to, and use of, advanced technology enables us to rethink form and space. Our task as designers is to continue this progress – marrying the design innovation of many different disciplines with ecologically sound materials and fabrication processes. We are proud to support the work of IFI and their global mandate to connect, educate and innovate without boundaries.”

WOODY YAO, Director, Zaha Hadid Design and IFI GAP Juror


Carved from a singular orthogonal block, the set of trophies for each category maintains a direct relationship with each other; embodying the spirit of collaboration and cooperation that leads to exceptional and distinct designs. Although derived from the same section of stone, every individual trophy can stand alone as an intricately sculpted marble piece. Evolving from a simple rectangular solid, the fluid surfaces of the trophies offer a sense of liberation manifest in their organic forms and invite exploration into relationships between structure and surface, solid and void, linear and fluidity.


“We are honored to have taken part in the realization of the IFI DDA trophies. We offer our longtime experience and expertise in the realization of marble works, to speak contemporary messages and design concepts using this unique and ancestral material.” CAMIRAN RASOOL, CEO, CITCO

The ten categories of trophies are immaculately crafted in ten types of stone from around the world, shaped in the Italian laboratory of expert stone company CITCO. Combining great artistic craftsmanship and cutting-edge materials research, CITCO’s collections are characterized by sober and sophisticated luxury and include collaborations with renowned international designers and artists. The IFI DDA project forms part of an existing and long-term collaboration between CITCO’s and Zaha Hadid Design. 

IFI thanks both Zaha Hadid Design and Citco for their collaboration and unique and valued contribution to IFI GAP.


Originally shared via IFI’s newsletter on December 22nd, 2019, accessible here.
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