March 18, 2020

IFI Interiors Education Policy Review 2020 – General Assembly Workshop

Members of the worldwide Interiors discipline, invited from 26 countries and representing 6 continents, gathered in Dubai to refresh IFI’s Interior Architecture/ Design Education Policy (IFI IA/D EP) into the 21st century. The IFI Executive Board and extended IFI global community joined the IFI IA/D EP Taskforce Co-Chairs Titi Ogufere, Jo Cys and Dr. Suzie Attiwill and members, to outline the Federation’s global quality standards for, and expectations of, Interior Architecture/Design education for today into tomorrow.



The workshop was structured to culminate at the 2020 General Assembly in Dubai, with input from IFI member delegates from around the world, representing six continents. Building on the past 15-month envisioning, researching and structuring effort, the IFI team, Taskforce Co-Chairs and members conducted a global survey and analysis leading to this event. The result, capturing substance and standards designed to support the growth of the profession into the future is in the process of being compiled for next steps.
“Identifying the role/purpose of a Global Interior Architecture/Design Education Policy”
“Determining the most important elements of Interior Architecture/Design Education”

Select insights from the 2019 IFI IA/DEP Survey:

Most participants see a global design education policy as an opportunity to encourage the continual advancement of the discipline and to set out global professional objectives and guidelines.

48% see the purpose of an education policy as a way to create an overarching discipline position statement.

The policy will help to delineate an educational overview of the Interior Architecture/Design discipline, one that is inclusive of the articulation of the profession’s future ambitions, global concerns and collective influence.


About the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers Education Policy (IFI IA/D EP)

IFI IA/D EP Review 2020 was an initiative to examine and formulate, through global consultation, an updated and progressive education policy statement for Interiors and endorsed by IFI. This timely project intends to generate a comprehensive, future-focused and globally-relevant Interior Architecture/Design Education Policy that intends to set forth guidelines for local interpretation to be implemented as procedures or protocols.


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