November 7, 2019

IFI WID 2020 Announcement

Member-Selected Theme – IFI WID 2020: NEXUS INTERIORS

Exploring the connection of the built environment to shaping relationships and human behavior, Interior Architects/Designers have the ability to push all boundaries. Using this year’s theme of ‘Nexus Interiors’ for inspiration, play with and plan activities which showcase and spotlight your work and the value of our important discipline.

In 2020, IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID) asks us to address the relationships that make up our interior spaces; to explore new links and understand the wider network of Interiors’ influence, and to seek out new opportunities for positive impact through Interior Architecture/Design.

For IFI WID 2020, we invite you to explore these ties – be it in your interior spaces, communities, or internationally – through the lens of ‘Nexus Interiors’. Within these relationships, networks, and experiences, consider how interiors play a role in connecting our everyday lives.

Feel free to conceptualize and organize an event, bringing together colleagues, students, neighbors, and your community as we make Interiors accessible to the public. Design an experience, connect people, places, or objects in a fresh way. Plan a block party or host a meal. Make a meme, create a podcast, or share a hashtag.

Some starting points for your creative exploration include:

  • Past and Present – preserving or creating new connections across time
  • Tangible & Intangible – shaping the material through movement, force, and use
  • Impact & Influence – the potential to empower and impact performance
  • Necessity / Pleasure – evolving for changing needs and behaviors
  • Shift / Innovation – creating new connections and questioning the status quo
  • Public / Private – blurring the boundaries of access and visibility
  • Visual / Auditory – our connection to space through the senses

A federation of national associations, with a broad base of institutional and industry membership, IFI exists to uplift, support, and connect a profession that elevates the life-quality and well-being of all. IFI World Interiors Day provides communities internationally the opportunity to collectively explore a theme, connect with their local design community, and showcase the value and impact of Interiors at all levels. Plan to participate today!

IFI WID 2020 is celebrated around the world throughout the entire month of May and is officially recognized on Saturday, 23 May 2020.

About IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID)

An annual event, IFI WID is spearheaded by the International Federation of of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to spotlight Interior Architecture / Design and to celebrate the profound impact that designed environments have on our daily lives.


Celebrated globally, IFI WID invites design professionals, students, and enthusiasts along with institutions, governments, and members of the general public to organize activities and events that bring community members together to explore, learn, discover and create. Anything is possible. Design shelters, address the young or old, consider work, learning, or rest. Plan a themed bake sale, debate in a ‘pub’, round table, or symposium. Become an activist, make a movie, save our culture and heritage. The universe is the limit!

Originally shared via IFI’s newsletter on November 7th, 2019, accessible here.
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