University of Lincoln | Book Composed of MAIAD Project-Inspired Collages Exploring IFI WID 2022 Theme

This fast-paced project required students to exercise creativity and respond with a conceptual output within a limited time frame. This involved generating individual digital collages reflecting on their positions as designers in relation to their MAIAD projects and the IFI WID theme of ‘Pride of the Past, An Incentive of the Future’.

This brief was open to interpretation. Students were encouraged to visually represent areas of connection between their perspectives as designers, their own aspirations with the MAIAD project, the heritage of their site, attributes of their project program and users, their normative ideals as designers, ideas they may explore in future in the design, and/or more. The project brief was co-authored by Dr. Zakkiya Khan and Dr. Raymund Königk while inspired by the IFI World Interiors Day 2022 provocation. Students of the MAIAD program at the University of Lincoln contributed collages and reflective statements within this book that responded to the brief. The book was designed and made by Jantze Holmes, Dr. Khan, and Dr. Königk.


IFI WID 2022 Graphics

2022 Promotion Graphic Animation

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