May 27, 2019

Izmir Celebrates IFI WID with an IFI Interiors Declaration Affirmation

To commemorate their dedication to the industry of Interior Architecture / Design, and in celebration of their new administration, Izmir (Turkey) has re-affirmed their IFI Interiors Declaration which was adopted by the city in April, 2016. In attendance of this event was the board of the Chamber of Interior Architects Turkey (CIAT) – Izmir chapter, TMMOB Chamber of Interior Architects – Ankara Chairman Emrah Kaymak, TMMOB Chamber of Interior Architects Izmir Branch 12th Board Chairman Tülin Gazi, IFI CEO Shashi Caan, IFI Ambassador Osman Demirbas, recently elected Izmir Mayor Tunc Soyer, Executive Vice President of Belenco Quartz Surfaces Berkan Çağlar, and many more.

In accordance with the affirmation of the IFI Interiors Declaration, President Gazi explained the Belenco Interior Design Competition and the participation of Interior Design students from four participating universities within the Izmir region. As stated by Gazi, “We are happy to bring together the important representatives of the Interior Architecture sector in Izmir. In the application of Interior Architecture, we are committed to keeping the values and criteria in all kinds of projects, aiming to make beginnings that will affect our quality of life.”

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