September 2, 2020

Living in China, Design Award 2020

IFI is pleased to introduce the inaugural ‘Living in China, Design Award 2020’, organised by NetEase and China’s leading real estate company Country Garden, and supported by more than 50 design organisations and institutions.  

The purpose of this competition is to explore new ways of thinking about our current living styles and how to promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through the future living spaces in China. The competition is free to enter and open for all designers to submit proposals for the design of a series of interior spaces.

Entries will progress through a series of evaluation rounds, including an online vote and consideration by an extensive jury panel, including:

  • Jixiang Shan, Former Director of the Palace Museum, senior architect and registered urban planner (Aesthetic guest)
  • Leung Man-tao, Famous intellectual, TV host and senior media professional (Aesthetic guest)
  • Yabu Pushelberg, Founders of Yabu Pushelberg
  • Steve Leung, Founder of Steve Leung Design Group / Past President of IFI (2017-2019)
  • Joe Cheng, Chairman of ASIANTIME International / Founder and Chairman of CCD-Cheng Chung Design (HK)
  • Yaoguang Chen, Designer / Convener and Owner of the Photosynthesis Alliance / Founder of DianShang Design
  • Ken Hu, Partner/Vice President of CCD-Cheng Chung Design (HK)
  • Ben Wu, Founder of WS Group and W. Design
  • Stefano Boeri, Architect and Urban planner
  • Tsuchiya Sadao, Architect, Columnist, Director of the Urban Life Style Lab
  • Ye Meng, Space Designer / Design Director of Meng Ye Space Creative Design Firm and Founder of Dudao International Space (Beijing) Design company
  • Lin Chen, Founder of Landscape Design
  • Jianming Song, Professor and PhD supervisor of China Academy of Art / National Chief Science Communication Expert / Vice President of China Fashion Color Association
  • Dan Su, Professor of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University / Vice Director of Tsinghua University Art Museum
  • Zhong Wang, Professor and Dean of the School of Urban Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts / Director of Public Art Research Center of China
  • Renke He, Professor and PhD supervisor of School of Design, Hunan University
  • Jian Zhao, PhD Supervisor of Shanghai University and Macau University of Science and Technology
  • Huanduan Li, President of Boyi Design Institute / Standing Director of Civil Engineering and Architectural Society of Guangdong / Director of Guangdong Engineering Exploration & Design Association
  • Yi Zhang, Vice President of Boyi Design Institute and Boyi Decoration Design Institute
  • Penglu Sun, General Manager of NetEase Real Estate
  • Yanli Hu, Editor-in-Chief of NetEase

Designs will be considered against a range of evaluation criteria at each stage, assessing project planning and positioning, spatial layout and movement, outstanding design highlights – including function spatial planning and optimisation of existing building fabric, feasibility and alignment with development guidelines.  

Final award winners are eligible for prize winnings and to have their design realised as a built show room in 2021. The top four Gold Award winners are also directly promoted for entry to IFI’s Global Awards Program (IFI GAP), for further consideration at the world level for Interiors practice.


  • Entry to the competition is free.
  • Full competition details are available HERE
  • Entry details are available in English language HERE
  • Plans and award materials are available to download HERE 
  • Deadline for entries: Sept 17, 2020. 24:00 Beijing Time (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Submissions are made via online registration or by email. Those submitting in a language other than Chinese should enter via email to the official designated competition mailbox:

This program is officially endorsed by IFI.