World Interiors Day
(IFI WID) 2021

IFI WID 2021  |  29 May

Design as a Global Conversation

2021 ushers in a potential for readjustment. With hope, we have the possibility of rethinking and reshaping normal aspects of living for the long-term. While we count on regaining facets of our lives, we also anticipate taking part in new and continuing design community conversations. We look forward to discussions focused on describing and redefining ‘life as normal’ in an ever-shifting world.

With its open-endedness,’Design as a Global Conversation‘ allows for the exploration of many discussions and subjects requiring consideration for newly appropriate accommodation of modified activities and behaviors.

For the common good, health and safety, we need to identify new ways of working, learning, teaching, communicating, and not to mention, healing in a timely manner.  Outdated processes and protocols require revamping. Broader issues of social justice, equity and sound leadership demand deeply reshaped conversations and universally ‘best-fit-for-all’ outcomes. We look forward to hearing your conversations and learning from your explorations. The time is ripe. We’re ready. Are you?



Hosted annually, World Interiors Day (IFI WID) is a long-standing program that engages a broad range of people and communities around the world. The program is structured around a theme selected by IFI’s professional community of Interior Architecture/Design associations and their members around the world. Design professionals, students and enthusiasts, together with institutions, agencies and members of the public are invited to organize activities that explore the IFI WID theme for that year. Participation in these activities around the globe bring IFI WID to life!

IFI WID is celebrated around the world throughout the entire month of May, and officially recognized this year on Saturday, 29 May 2021.


Shared 2021 Activities & Events


DArA | Exclusive Interview with Architect & Designer Jorge Pensi


RMIT University | Celebrating Our Alumni – Their Workplaces & Projects


Comitê Organizador Rio Capital Mundial da Arquitetura | Virtual Architecture – The Surfaces of Rio


SLD  | “Good Design” for the “Common Good”


Cyprus Interiors | Celebrating Aspects of Our Interiors

El Salvador

UJMD | Interior Design as an Articulator of Culture

Hong Kong, China

HKDC | DFA Awards 2021 Design Dialogue in Mainland China


Arch Digest India | Work From Home

Asian Paints | Tips & Tricks for Calm & Relaxing Green Space Transformations

Godrej & Boyce | Five Tips for Creating Perfect WFH (Work from Home) Corner

Magari | World Interiors Day Livestream Led by Co-Founder & Director Karun Mathew Plus Design as a Global Conversation with Anisha Menon

Media Milestone | Luxurious Indian Interior Design & Architecture

Saint-Gobain  | A Month of Hearing from Industry Who’s Who

Trends Magazine | On World Interiors Day


Deco Designs | A Gratitude Giveaway


MIID | MIID Presents – Becoming a Designer


Essential Interiors Magazine | ‘The Design Conversation’ with Khayalethu Likhuleni and Design Symposium – The Echo of African Designers

IDAN | ‘Design as a Global Conversation’

North Cyprus

EMU | ‘EMU Department of Interior Architecture’s Global Conversation with Projects in Design Studios’




Mapua | Mapua Interior Design Week: ‘Careers in Interior Design’ and The Virtual Exhibit 2.0

PIID/USC | Upholding Filipino Heritage and Identity in a Global Conversation

Puerto Rico

EDP University of Puerto Rico | Conversation Scoop – Social Dimension of Interior Design; Interior Design Program Open House; Idea, Inspiration & Sensations in Interior Design


IED | Interior Designers – Adapting Spaces in a Changing Society

Trinidad & Tobego

SIADIF TT | Design as Global Conversation + PANDEMIC + SIADIF TT Adaptation & Rise


BAU | 3-Day Online Celebration

IUE | ‘Design as a Global Conversation’ Interiors-Related Presentations on Participation, Adaptive Reuse, Transformation, Creating Short-term Human Experiences for Events

Yaşar University, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department | INAR Alumni Day 2021


ADDIP | Design as a Global Conversation


Gensler | Shaping Workplaces with Wellbeing Centre Stage


Studio Mas Creative | Reflections on Home


IFI’s WID 2021 Videos

Hear what the IFI Executive Board, members and worldwide design community had to say about communication, climate change, home and inclusivity

IFI Executive Board Video


IFI Members & Worldwide Community Videos






IFI Insite WID 2021

Thank you to the IFI Insite community for sharing your reflections on home in celebration of IFI World Interiors Day 2021 – Design as a global conversation. We celebrate with this poster combining our conversations and selected images that tell the story of  our homes across the world. 




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