World Interiors
Day (IFI WID) 2024

IFI WID 2024  |  Saturday, 25 May

The Growing Generational Gap: Improved Multi-Generational Future

The theme for IFI World Interiors Day 2024 was selected by members at the 30th IFI General Assembly. This year’s IFI WID theme points to an inherent challenge: the communication gap between different age groups. In this context, design emerges as a crucial tool for creating inclusive solutions that promote more effective and meaningful communication between people of different ages. inclusive design’s approach to overcoming intergenerational communication paves the way for a future where generations coexist in a collaborative and enriching way. It is through sensitive and adaptable design that we can create an environment that celebrates generational diversity, building bridges between past, present and future.

IFI invited you to explore “The Growing Generational Gap: Improved Multi-Generational Future” and to share with your colleagues and the world what this means to you as a design advocate and enthusiast for your unique context and community.

Thank you for recognizing IFI WID 2024!



IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID), a long-standing IFI event, is akin to Earth Day. It is an annual opportunity for all designers and enthusiasts to globally united through themed provocative celebrations – large and small. The theme is selected by IFI’s professional community of Interior Architecture/Design associations and their members around the world.

IFI WID causes public awareness, recognizing the value of Interiors and all who make built environments. Celebrated globally, IFI WID invites design professionals, industry leaders, students and enthusiasts, along with institutions, governments and members of the general public to organize activities and events that bring community members together to explore, learn, discover and create.

Physical or digital, anything is possible. Address the young or old. Tackle new definitions for sustainability. Consider health, work, learning or rest. Plan a virtual ‘pub’ debate, roundtable or symposium. Collaborate across borders. Become an activist. Make a movie. Save our culture and heritage. Your imagination is the limit!

IFI WID is recognized around the world throughout the entire month of May, and officially recognized this year on Saturday, 25 May 2024.


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