IFI WID 2021  |  29 May

Design as a Global Conversation

2021 ushers in a potential for readjustment. With hope, we have the possibility of rethinking and reshaping normal aspects of living for the long-term. While we count on regaining facets of our lives, we also anticipate taking part in new and continuing design community conversations. We look forward to discussions focused on describing and redefining ‘life as normal’ in an ever-shifting world.



With its open-endedness,’Design as a Global Conversation‘ allows for the exploration of many discussions and subjects requiring consideration for newly appropriate accommodation of modified activities and behaviors.

For the common good, health and safety, we need to identify new ways of working, learning, teaching, communicating, and not to mention, healing in a timely manner.  Outdated processes and protocols require revamping. Broader issues of social justice, equity and sound leadership demand deeply reshaped conversations and universally ‘best-fit-for-all’ outcomes. We look forward to hearing your conversations and learning from your explorations. The time is ripe. We’re ready. Are you?


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Hosted annually, World Interiors Day (IFI WID) is a long-standing program that engages a broad range of people and communities around the world. The program is structured around a theme selected by IFI’s professional community of Interior Architecture/Design associations and their members around the world. Design professionals, students and enthusiasts, together with institutions, agencies and members of the public are invited to organize activities that explore the IFI WID theme for that year. Participation in these activities around the globe bring IFI WID to life!

IFI WID is celebrated around the world throughout the entire month of May, and officially recognized this year on Saturday, 29 May 2021.


Activity Ideas

IFI WID activities are independently organized and vary in type, size, and location. Activities range from individual showcases, to small group discussions, to large city-wide events. Individuals may work with local and/or national organizations to connect their group to larger celebrations that engage multiple communities. IFI supports proactive events that respect all peoples, societies and cultures. Here are some ways IFI WID can be celebrated in the future:

  • Raise public awareness with your local government on the power of interior design, and how well designed interiors can improve life quality, and harmony in your community. Activities for advocacy are encouraged.
  • Have your city adopt the IFI Interiors Declaration in honor of IFI World Interiors Day. By adopting the IFI Interiors Declaration, your city joins a vast and influential network of urban leaders who have pledged their support to progressive design that promotes social and economic development for citizens. To learn more about how to adopt the IFI Interiors Declaration, please email,
  • Explore public spaces in your neighborhood or city. Map out how you might use borders more effectively and/or disrupt them.
  • Open studios – interior architects/designers may showcase interior spaces that are normally closed to the public. Combine several of these open door programs to create a walking tour that also display your city’s public spaces.
  • Open your practice and invite the public in to see how interior architects/designers work and the environments in which they design.
  • Exhibitions, art events and trade shows for a curated experience of art and design that cut across borders.
  • Lectures, talks, discussions by interior architects/designers, built environment industry members, and other experts at schools, public libraries, or other groups with a broad range of expertise.
  • Multi-disciplinary panels and events that engage design institutions and organizations
  • Kids’ activities for the next generation of designers! Work with educators to engage children in a range of creative, practical or fun experiences that raise their awareness of the spaces that surround them.



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