IFI Interior
Architecture / Design
Education Policy(IFI IA/DEP)

About the IFI IA/DEP Initiative

The International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers Education Policy (IFI IA/DEP) Review 2019 is an initiative to examine and formulate, through global consultation, an updated and progressive education policy statement for IFI.  This timely project intends to generate a comprehensive, future-focused and globally relevant Interior Architecture/Design Education Policy that will be further employed as the basis for evaluation of future curricula and accreditation of Interior Architecture/Design education programs worldwide.

This initiative is organized by a special international taskforce, led by Co-Chairs IFI President-Elect Titi Ogufere and Professors Joanne Cys and Suzie Attiwill, with input of the IFI Executive Board and extended IFI global community.

The IFI Interior Architecture/Design Education Policy will outline IFI’s global quality standards for, and expectations of, Interior Architecture/Design education. Acknowledging the diversity of regional and institutional contexts within which Interior Architecture/Design programs are offered, the document intends to be sufficiently comprehensive, flexible and relevant for a range of users in different global settings. It will assist those responsible for the design, review and delivery of Interior Architecture/Design education programs, to enable their preparation and curricula to contribute to the quality and rigour of Interior Architecture/Design professional practice. Once finalized, the document will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it continues to reflect and anticipate global directions and aspirations for the profession.

IFI Interior Architecture/Design Global Education Policy Survey

Thank you to all those that contributed to the IFI IA/DEP Survey, and the development of this important policy.. Your participation will help shape the direction, content and function of the policy as a document with the potential to inform the discipline globally. The survey is now closed. 

The outcomes of the survey will be reviewed by the taskforce and tabled at a workshop held during the IFI General Assembly in February 2020. From this workshop, a draft IFI IA/D Global Education Policy will be tabled for endorsement.

IFI IA/D Education Policy Review Taskforce Members

Top Row (left to right): Titi Ogufere (Co-Chair, Nigeria); Joanne Cys (Co-Chair, Australia); Suzie Attiwill (Co-Chair, Australia); Gerhard Bruyns (Hong Kong)

Second Row (left to right): Osman Demirbas (Turkey); Joseph Friedman (Israel); Paul Kerlaff (UK); Zakkiya Khan (South Africa)

Third Row (left to right): Maria Cecillia Loschiavo dos Santos (Brazil); Sebastiano Raneri (Italy); Maria Eugenia Santos Mercado (Mexico); Tüüne-Kristin Vaikla (Estonia)

Bottom Row (left to right): Wen-Liang Chen (Chinese Taipei); Amy Campos (USA); Thomas Kong (Singapore); Lois Weinthal (Canada)