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10 November 2017  |  Eko, Hotel  |  Lagos, Nigeria


The 2017 IFI CONGRESS will bring together professionals from around the globe to discuss innovative design solutions at this critical time in our global history. Taking place on a continent slated to undergo major urban developments, the 2017 IFI CONGRESS will explore creativity as a transformative vehicle for economic and social development. Keynote speeches delivered by experts from across design disciplines will debate the global social responsibility of the industry and plot the future of design excellence.


Running parallel to the IFI CONGRESS, an African Culture & Design Festival will explore the artistic history of the continent and chart the future for African design in lieu of global and regional changes. Hosted by Interior Designer’s Association of Nigeria (IDAN), the Festival will be curated by African artists and architects. Both events are open to the general public.



Held in conjunction with the IFI General Assembly (GA), the IFI CONGRESS is a premier biennial forum convened to share topical and progressive ideas, knowledge and developments affecting and shaping the evolving practice of Interior Architecture/Design worldwide.



  • Showcase top leaders and thinkers in the Interior Architecture/Design profession
  • Identify and debate challenges affecting the field of Interiors
  • Highlight issues at the forefront of societal evolution and debate subsequent effects on the Interiors profession and global community
  • Review and discuss innovative Design solutions posed by experts and world leaders in the public, private and governmental sectors
  • Share and unveil the latest industry research and trends with the aim of understanding their impact on the Interiors profession
  • Connect all global entities actively shaping the habitable and built environments so as to promote optimal human capacity



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The 2017 Congress will coincide with the 28th IFI General Assembly on 10-12 November 2017, in Lagos, Nigeria.