IFI has a portfolio of publications offering a global perspective on the Interior Architecture/Design profession. Topics range from historical archives of landmark design projects to breakthrough intellectual inquiries related to the practice of design.

As a global entity, IFI seeks to foster an ever-increasing depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of Interior Architecture/Design. The organization desires to be inclusive and to build a consensus among countries, groups and individuals.

IFI GAP 2020

IFI Global Awards Program 2020

Features the 2020 IFI GAP winners, which includes the IFI Prize recipient, IFI Design Journalism Award recipient, Fellow of IFI recipients, and 30 IFI Design Distinction Award winners from around the world.

Hardcover, 9 x 11 in., 160 pages


A Global Assessment of the Interiors Discipline - International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) Design Frontiers: The Interiors Entity (DFIE) Phase I-III Report

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Exploration of Interiors Educational Strategies in North America: An IFI DFIE Phase III Initiative

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IFI President's Updates Archive: Global Communications Board Term 2009-2011

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This Round Table held in Singapore brought together twenty-six individuals from sixteen countries in order to explore "The State of The Art" in Interior Architecture/Design. Design disciplines are commonly defined as processes, not outcomes or products. It is assumed that the final products explain themselves. But what is the essential nature of Interior Architecture/Design? How does it exist? What standards should it meet? Would defining the product help to clarify the common understanding of the field and the position it holds vis-a-vis architecture and broader design disciplines? Could such a definition add to the understanding of Interior Architecture/Design education and practice?

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The IFI Yearbook archives the works of members through recent years with a focus on projects that reflect the multi-faceted role of the Interior Architect/Designer in society. The projects published celebrate the regional spirit and cultural diversity of our members and our professional pursuits. The 2007 yearbook showcases projects representing all aspects of society, from the home, hospitality, workplace environment, health care, public buildings, institutional projects, public spaces and aged-care facilities to projects that reflect universal design and sustainability.


IFI roundtable discussions are designed to foster an open dialogue focusing on important issues that percolate from the local, regional and national constituencies and bring them into the global arena. These conversations aspire to engender broader and deeper common understandings within the Interior Architecture/Design community by exploring topical and pertinent facets of this discipline around the world. This New York 2007 Round Table explored the intersection of education and research within the practice of Interior Architecture/Design. While Thinking into the Future primarily focused on educational aspects of the discipline, this round table discussion encouraged the broadest debate of design and the future. The report covers one-and-a-half days of presentations, including discussions and three submitted whitepapers.

International Handbook

Interior Design Practice. Professional Practice information, listed by country. Compiled by IFI Member Associations. IFI Amsterdam, 1991. 125pp. Reissue 1995.

Green Design Checklist

An aid to the design process for the selection of environmentally responsible products when preparing building specifications. IFI Amsterdam, 1993. 80pp. ISBN:90-800670-3-2
1993 Issue: English, French, German, Spanish.
1995 Issue: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

Directory of Schools III

Detailed information on schools providing interior architectural and design courses.
IFI Amsterdam, 1993. 117pp. Reissue 1995.

IFI Position Papers

A series of position papers to be published by IFI with a minimum of two per annum, stating a responsible position on an issue of importance to interiors professionals.

Lexicon. Interior Design Glossary

Approx. 700 entries with definitions in English and translations in French, German and Spanish. IFI Amsterdam, 1991. 96pp. ISBN:90-800670-2-4.

Please be seated

Publication on the occasion of the UN Decade for Cultural Development. Chairs of three periods; entries from 24 IFI Member countries. Illustrated. IFI Amsterdam, 1991. 110pp. ISBN: 90-800670-1-6. Out of Print

IFI 1963 - 1993 a personal view

Liesbeth Hardenberg
Publication documenting the first thirty years if IFI. Illustrated. IFI, Johannesburg 1998. 193pp in hardcover.
ISBN: 0-620-22489-4

Rooms for care - Interior Design for Healthcare

Olle Anderson
Publication documenting Interior Architecture/Design in a healthcare environment. Illustrated. IFI Gotheborg 1999, 88pp in softcover.
ISBN: 91-630-8461-9

International Guidelines to Conditions for Contracts for Interior Design

IFI Amsterdam, 1983. 22pp (out of print).

Organising International Design Competitions & Award Schemes

Including regulations and guidelines for competitions, award schemes and student competitions. IFI Amsterdam, 1989.

IFI Yearbook - International Interiors Annual Volume I, II & III

pubished biennially with selected IFI members work
Volume I; by Plus Publishing Co. Ltd. 2003
Volume II: by Plus Publishing Co. Ltd. 2005
Volume III: by IFI. 2007