Fellow of IFI (FoIFI)

Fellows of IFI (FoIFI) are individuals who have displayed outstanding and exemplary professional leadership and international achievements within the Interior Architecture/Design discipline. They are selected and recognized by the Federation directly for their contribution to thought, leadership and advancement of the profession, through excellence in practice and their work advocating within and beyond the design community.

Fellowships are awarded every two years and chosen by an IFI appointed selection committee from nominations made by IFI Members. New Fellows will be announced at the IFI CONGRESS scheduled to take place in Dubai, UAE Febraury 2020.


FELLOWS OF IFI (as presented in alphabetical order)

Olle Anderson (Sweden, FoIFI 2014)

Constance Ann (Singapore, FoIFI 2014)

Robert Backhouse, FDIA (Australia, FoIFI 2014)

Young Baek Min (South Korea, FoIFI 2014)

Claude Berube (Canada, FoIFI 2014)

Shashi Caan (USA, FoIFI 2014)

Ronnie Choong Swee Beng (Malaysia, FoIFI 2014)

Yao Cheng Chung (Chinese Taipei, FoIFI 2014)

Iris Dunbar (United Kingdom, FoIFI 2017)

Christian Enevoldsen (Denmark, FoIFI 2014)

Marianne Frandsen (Denmark, FoIFI 2014)

Denise Guerin, Ph. D. FIDEC, FASID (USA, FoIFI 2014)

Denis Handy (Ireland, FoIFI 2014)

Hanna Hjort (Denmark, FoIFI 2014)

Verena Huber (Switzerland, FoIFI 2014)

Kenneth Ko (Hong Kong, China, FoIFI 2014)

Desmond Laubscher (South Africa, FoIFI 2014)

Madeline Lester, AM LFDIA (Australia, FoIFI 2014)

Agneta Liljedahl (Sweden, FoIFI 2014)

Richard Linington (United Kingdom, FoIFI 2014)

Siti Majidah Binti A. Majid (Malaysia, FoIFI 2014)

IDr. Belen Morey, FPIID (Philippines, FoIFI 2014)

Kinuko Nakagawa (Japan, FoIFI 2014)

Demas Nwoko (Nigeria, FoIFI 2017)

Jean Pinton (France, FoIFI 2014 awarded posthumously)

Dr. Theodore H. M. Prudon, FAIA (USA, FoIFI 2014)

Andrée Putnam (France, FoIFI 2014 awarded posthumously)

Arne Remlov (Norway, FoIFI 2014 awarded posthumously)

Kita Toshiyuki (Japan, FoIFI 2014)

Bernard Vinick (USA, FoIFI 2014)

C. L. W. Wirtz Netherlands, FoIFI 2014 awarded posthumously)



Fellow of IFI (FoIFI) 2019

Entries to the 2019 IFI Global Awards Program are now closed. Our thanks to all entrants and nominating IFI Members for their participation!

Check back soon for program updates. Winners will be announced at the IFI CONGRESS & General Assembly (GA) in Feburary 2020.



All current IFI Member organization may submit a single nomination for the Fellow of IFI (FoIFI) in each IFI Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) biennial cycle. They are also eligible to submit a single nomination each for the IFI PRIZE and the IFI Design Journalism Award (IFI DJA).

Nominations may be developed by particular individuals or groups within a member organization, however all final nominations must be submitted with the full knowledge and endorsement of the submitting IFI Member organisation.

Individuals who do not officially represent an IFI Member organisation are not eligible to nominate. Lapsed IFI Members or those wishing to join the Federation should contact staff@ifiworld.org in advance of preparing a submission.

Nomination Process

  1. Call for nominations from IFI Members
  2. Members consider appropriate nominations from their network
  3. Nominee identified and approached for approval to be nominated
  4. Nomination details and materials compiled
  5. Online nomination entered and submitted
  6. All set!

Nomination Materials

Nominations are required to include the following materials for jury consideration:

  • Letter of Nomination (from the nominating IFI Member organisation), plus any other supporting letters of recommendation
  • High-res portrait photo of nominee
  • One-page biography / resume of nominee, including details of awards and honors to date
  • Nominee consent agreement
  • At least three samples of representative work. These may include Interior Architecture/Design built projects, published academic works or other relevent materials.


  • Exceptional international contribution, service and achievement within the Interior Architecture/Design profession and discipline
  • International promotion, public awareness and/or advocacy for Interior Architecture/Design
  • Publicly recognized professional achievement for regional or international service to, and advancement of, the profession (i.e. practice, education, research, etc.)
  • Leadership and innovation of topical, noteworthy and exemplary international programming and events coordination
  • Outstanding service to the profession and its progression within the IFI global community


Free to enter.

Judging Process

  1. Nominations are checked for eligibility by IFI Secretariat
  2. Nominations are considered by the IFI Selection Committee, comprising the IFI President, President-Elect, CEO and nominated board members
  3. From a shortlist of ten, a maximum of three (3) Fellows winners are selected for recognition

Winner Announcement

2019 IFI Fellows will be announced in Fall 2019, ahead of their appearance as a special guest at the IFI GAP Awards Gala dinner – part of the IFI CONGRESS – in Dubai, UAE in November 2019.

Conditions of Entry

    • A nomination must be made within the official deadline
    • A nomination shall comply with all stipulated rules
    • All nominations are free of charge
    • Nominations shall only be valid for one (1) IFI Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) biennial cycle
    • Failing selection, candidates may be re-nominated in subsequent cycles
    • Each nominee shall only be awarded once
    • Nominee is not restricted to any specific field (e.g. nominees can be scholars, practitioners, educators, etc.)
    • Self-nominations do not qualify
    • Any nominee with immediate family or work partners involved in the jury should be declared
    • Posthumous nominations shall not be considered
    • In case a nominee is name winner within one month after his/her death, he/she would remain an IFI laureate