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Since 1963, IFI has been the sole global voice and authority of the Interiors worldwide community thanks to the support of our member organizations and industries and the Interior Architects/Designers they represent.

Our network is composed by committed individuals that strongly believe in the significance of Interior Architecture/Design. Through their collaboration, IFI advances the profession and promotes the contribution of Interiors to social, cultural, economic and environmental development.

In an increasingly globalized world, it is now more important than ever to be connected at an international level and to actively participate in the development of the future of the profession. Become a part of IFI and join us as we take the Interiors to new heights.


Member Benefits

  • Value- IFI membership implies alignment to IFI and its mission, gaining global professional recognition and use of the IFI appellation. Belonging to the highest authority and federating body of Interior Architecture/Design is the ultimate recognition of your legitimacy and commitment to further and improve the profession.
  • Showcase your Organization through Innovative Programs – Members receive preferential support to participate in our worldwide programs, getting involved in a range of regular and cutting-edge events, including World Interiors Day (WID), WING Competition, IFI Interiors Declaration Adoptions and many more.
  • Connect with the Worldwide Community- Join our international network of Interiors and build strategic partnerships and connections.
  • International Visibility- IFI helps its members promote their work and accomplishments by featuring them on the IFI website and in our exclusive IFI Member Directory. Members are also highlighted through social media and newsletters.
  • Dedicated Information & Communications- Members receive exclusive materials and communications, keeping up-to-date with all the latest news and events relevant to the international community of Interiors.