The IFI PRIZE is awarded to an individual or collective who have made an outstanding international contribution to the field of Interior Architecture/Design. Considered the highest honor awarded for Interior Architecture/Design at a world level, awardees are those that command distinction for the quality of their professional work, demonstrate visionary leadership and a contribution to humanity through design; setting new standards to elevate and inspire the profession.

The IFI PRIZE serves to promote the importance of Interior Architecture/ Design to the well-being of humanity through the built environment. As a meaningful accolade, it recognizes the very best in international practice, whilst stimulating greater public awareness of the positive impacts of great design. Nominees must represent superlative talent in professional consideration and design expertise, which is diverse in perspective and international in scope.


IFI actively solicits nominations from its members and related design authorities who collectively represent the most established associations, organizations and universities. Call for nomination is open to award jury members and to IFI’s associated member industries and manufacturers. 

By nominating individuals for the IFI PRIZE, our members further endorse the contribution and work of their most talented Interior Architects/Designers. All current IFI member organizations may submit a single nomination for the IFI PRIZE in each IFI Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) biennial cycle.



Nominations for Fellow of IFI for 2023 are now open.
IFI Members should contact the IFI Secretariat HQ at programs@ifiworld.org for submitting nominations.


All current IFI Member organization may submit a single nomination for the IFI PRIZE in each IFI Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) biennial cycle. They are also eligible to submit a single nomination each for the IFI Design Journalism Award (IFI DJA) and the Fellow of IFI (FoIFI).

Nominations may be developed by particular individuals or groups within a member organization, however all final nominations must be submitted with the full knowledge and endorsement of the submitting IFI Member organization.

Individuals who do not officially represent an IFI Member organization are not eligible to nominate. Lapsed IFI Members or those wishing to join the Federation should contact staff@ifiworld.org in advance of preparing a submission.

Nomination Process

  1. Call for nominations from IFI Members
  2. Members consider appropriate nominations from their network
  3. Nominee identified and approached for approval to be nominated
  4. Nomination details and materials compiled
  5. Online nomination entered and submitted
  6. All set!

Nomination Materials

Nominations are required to include the following materials for jury consideration:

  • Letter of Nomination (from the nominating IFI Member organization), plus any other supporting letters of recommendation
  • High-res portrait photo of nominee
  • One-page biography / resume of nominee, including details of awards and honors to date
  • Nominee consent agreement
  • Descriptive statements for up to three representative Interior Architecture/Design built projects and/or published academic works


  • Have had a cumulative effect on the profession, addressing its future while honoring tradition
  • Transcends or unites areas of expertise
  • Have commanded distinction and respect for the quality of the work
  • Has consistently produced significant contributions to humanity and the built environment
  • Consistently demonstrates innovative thinking, and the ability to inspire and endure


Free to enter.

Judging Process

  1. Nominations are checked for eligibility by IFI Secretariat
  2. Nominations are initially considered by the IFI Awards Committee, who select nominations for jury review
  3. Selected nominations are shared with the IFI PRIZE jury
  4. From a shortlist of three, a single winner is selected for the PRIZE

Winner Presentation

The winner of the IFI PRIZE will be presented with their award at the IFI GAP Awards Gala dinner.

Conditions of Entry

  • A nomination must be made within the official deadline
  • A nomination shall comply with all stipulated rules
  • All nominations are free of charge
  • Nominations shall only be valid for one (1) IFI Global Awards Program (IFI GAP) biennial cycle
  • Failing selection, candidates may be re-nominated in subsequent cycles
  • Each nominee shall only be awarded once
  • Nominee is not restricted to any specific field (e.g. nominees can be scholars, practitioners, educators, etc.)
  • Self-nominations do not qualify
  • Any nominee with immediate family or work partners involved in the jury should be declared
  • Posthumous nominations shall not be considered
  • In case a nominee is named winner within one month after his/her death, he/she would remain an IFI laureate


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