To expand the global exchange of information this listing includes all upcoming IFI events as well as events submitted by IFI Members around the world. Events include general assemblies, congresses, workshops, seminars, exhibits and lectures. Awards and competitions will only be listed if they are endorsed by IFI. If you are not an IFI Member and wish to submit an event, you must apply for IFI Endorsement through the IFI Secretariat.


8 Mar

An Afternoon with Top Designers

Society of Interior Designers Singapore (SIDS) Lecture & Forum, including Lunch Buffet, in Singapore

9-11 Mar


Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) holds its Interior & Design Manila International Convention in Manila, Philippines

4-11 Mar

Interior Design Festival Singapore

Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS) presents this festival as part of Singapore Design Week 2017

22-24 Mar

CODDI General Assembly

Colegio de Decoradores - Diseñadores de Interiores de Puerto Rico will celebrate its 41st General Assembly in San Juan, Puerto Rico

18 May

PR for Interior Designers Seminar

Practical full-day workshop organized by BDIA Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten in Cologne, Germany

27 May

IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID)

IFI WID engages everyone to explore creativity, imagination, vision and passion in relation to the role of Interiors.

10 Jun

VSI.ASAI. Celebrates 75 Years of Interior Design

Celebrate 75 years of Interior Design with us!

7-8 Jun

SISU Symposium of Interior Architecture and Spatial Use

What becomes of space when it is stripped to its bareness

19-21 Oct

SMI International Interior Architecture & Design Congress

Sociedad Mexicana de Interioristas (SMI) will celebrate its 10th Congress of International Interior Architecture & Design

26 Oct

2017 Taipei International Design Award

9-12 Nov

IFI Congress & General Assembly

Held every two years, the IFI Congress & XXVIII General Assembly will take place in Lagos, Nigeria.