XXIXth (29th)
IFI General Assembly

The IFI General Assembly (GA), held biennially, is the highest governing authority of IFI, attended by IFI’s Executive Board, IFI Past Presidents, members and external stakeholders to discuss the programmes and projects of IFI over the past board term, as well as outline and plan for initiatives to be undertaken around the world over the coming new term.

Empowered with the responsibility and opportunity to address key issues affecting the industry.

IFI operates under IFI’s governing articles, which also outlines the General Assembly’s structure and process. IFI’s international membership, comprised largely of National Interior Architecture/Design associations with voting rights, and design promotion organisations, educational institutions and corporate practices, are empowered with the responsibility and opportunity to address key issues affecting the industry.

IFI’s Executive Board is comprised of individual members of national associations who are nominated for election. IFI’s members guide the future of the organization by electing a new leadership board to stand for a two year term. IFI’s members discuss, debate and vote to pass programs and policies for the IFI Executive Board to implement which align the direction of the IFI Secretariat with the interests of both the membership and the wider international Interior Architecture/Design community.

XXIX (29th) IFI General Assembly

February, 2020 | Dubai, UAE

The IFI CONGRESS & XXIX (29th) General Assembly will take place in Dubai, UAE, and hosted by IFI Member, the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID).

At the request of APID, this event will now take place in February 2020 (rescheduled from 13-15 November, 2019). Please check back soon for revised dates and program details.