IFI WID 2021

PIID/USC | Upholding Filipino Heritage and Identity in a Global Conversation


PIID – Philippine Institute of Interior Designs
USC-Integrated Students of Interior Design Education (USC – INSIDE), and Liaison for Interior Design Orgs, Nonprofits, Education & Linkages

The call to promote the role of heritage conservation in the field of design and the built environment is truly a relevant cause. In line with this, there is a need to tackle new discussions and trends on Heritage Conservation, Cultural Design Appreciation and Heritage Curation especially in the scope of Interior Design in a local and global context. It also brings awareness to continue to uphold Filipino Heritage and identity through global perspectives and methods.
In line with the National Heritage Month and IFI World Interiors Day, this event primarily discussed the overview of Heritage Conservation and Museum Planning design relevant to the field of the Interior Design Profession. It specifically discussed the current issues, trends, planning considerations and evaluation of Interior Heritage Conservation projects and curating of museums. This allows interior design professionals to increase awareness and make better, more informed decisions on projects that involve heritage conservation and museum design. Moreover, these topics also help interior design students to become aware and prepare themselves on the field of their chosen track, while appreciating and striving to uphold the Filipino Identity through heritage conservation and museum design.

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