IFI WID 2021

SIADIF TT | Design as Global Conversation + PANDEMIC + SIADIF TT Adaptation & Rise

Trinidad & Tobago

SIADIF TT – Society of Interior Architects Interior Designers Interior Decorators Industrial Designers Furniture Designers of Trinidad and Tobago

SIADIF TT’s IFI WID 2021 celebration’Design as a Global Conversation + PANDEMIC + SIADIF TT Adaptation & Rise’ included presenting their mission and vision, reading the IFI Interiors Declaration, two addresses (one introducing THCS Tobago Heritage Conservation Society and the other ‘Environment for Design Experiences’), recognition of membership status and a forum with a guest speaker. 

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IFI’s WID 2021 Videos

Hear what the IFI Executive Board, members and worldwide design community had to say about communication, climate change, home and inclusivity

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