World Interiors Day (WID) is an annual worldwide event that celebrates Interior Architecture/Design and its relevance in people’s daily lives. Commemorated on the last weekend of May but observed throughout the whole month, the event actively engages professionals, national associations, design enthusiasts and the general public to explore creativity, imagination, vision and passion in relation to the role of Interiors in society, culture and our future built environments.

Interiors are essential to humanity, for they have an impact on all of our daily activities. Whether it is where we rest, think, work, play or create, the spaces that surround us are important to us, for through them we experience a sense of place, of who we are and what we can be. Because of this everyone should join us in the celebration of WID!

Whether it is where we rest, think, work, play or create, the spaces that surround us are important to us…

Individuals may work together with local and/or national organizations to link small scale activities together to form events at a larger level throughout the city, state or country. Each WID edition focuses on a specific theme chosen each year by IFI membership to reflect the values of the Interiors community. Take a look through this website to find out how you can participate in any of the many WID programs held around the globe, or how you can organize your own!

WID 2017

Interior Design for Generations

The theme for WID 2017 is “Interior Design for Generations”, tapping into the comprehensive knowledge needed to foster a greater connection between the built environment, its occupants and time. As global life expectancy continues to rise, the Interiors profession increasingly faces the challenge of creating spaces that serve many different generations, addressing matters of accessibility, sustainability and functionality that promote well-being and facilitate human advancement.

WID 2017 will be officially observed on Saturday May 27, 2017, but the whole month will play host to events highlighting the merits of the Interiors profession and the impact on the quality of life and the built environment.

Activity Ideas

  • Lectures, talks or discussions by interior architects/designers at schools, public libraries or other institutions focusing on the importance of our living environment.
  • Exhibitions and art events in cooperation with local museums and cultural centers to curate and relate to this year’s theme or Interior Architecture/Design in general.
  • Open door programs that allow interior architects/designers to showcase their practice or spaces usually not open to the public. Walking tours can be created by combining several open door programs.
  • Free workshops and practice day, providing students with the opportunity to further their training or to learn first-hand about the practice of Interior Architecture/Design.
  • Kid’s activities, working with educators to engage children of all ages in creative, practical or fun experiences that raise their awareness of interior spaces and the way that people interact with them.
  • Work with your local government to promote World Interiors Day. At the same time, encourage your city to adopt the IFI Interiors Declaration to honor this important day.

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WID 2017 Activities

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