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04/19/2023 Foshan

Complete Success of APDC International Design Award Gala 2023

On April 19, 2023, APDC International Design Award Gala 2023, which was organized by APDC, held in Sofitel Louvre Hotel Foshan, Guang Dong, China. More than 400guests including designers representatives from many countries and regions in the field of architectural design, interior design, landscape design and other outstanding design institutions came to the site to participate in the event.

This event is an influential annual design event organized by APDC in collaboration with a number of well-known design competition organizers around the world.It aims to recog nize outstanding Chinese designers who have made it to the top of the world in the past ycar, In order to excavate new talents in architecture,interior, product, graphic, fashion design and other fields,cnabling the development ofthe industry,widely recognized and concerned by industry elites,experts and scholars. It is understood that the Asia Pacific Design Awards For Elite.Outstanding Property Award London,PI Dcsign Awards,CPD Design Awards, BLT Design Awards. LIT Design Awards.SIT Design Awards and LIV Design Awards have joined this APDC Intenational Design Award Gala 2023. At the same time,2023 APDC Spacc Wizards Award also successfully launched in this event wonderful not to be missed! It is worth mentioning that the global ceremony oflDA Inter national Design Awards. one ofthe most authoritative professional design awards in the world, was also held at the same time.The 16th IDA 2022 International Design Awards which has just been held,brought together thousands of outstandingentries from over 90 countries and regions,and was called “the most competitive competition in history” Afier the professional and authoritative jury lavers ofsereening. in the witness of hun dreds of people, the major awards announced one byone, pushing the whole event to a climax!