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06/28/2022 Eastern Mediterranean University Department of Interior Architecture North Cyprus

EMU Department of Interior Architecture Celebrates IFI 2022 World Interiors Day with a Digital Exhibition

The theme of World Interiors Day (IFI WID) 2022, which is held with various events all over the world within the framework of a different theme determined every year under the umbrella of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI), has been determined as “Pride of the past, an incentive for the future”.
Many historical buildings which are rare members of cultural heritage in different geographies of the world that have survived till today by preserving their formal, structural integrity are tried to be kept alive with –new- functions that can serve the different needs of the contemporary life. Among these historical buildings, which are the embodiment of traditions and certain living conditions of its time, unconscious attempts of re-function/reuse cause serious destructions. It is frequently emphasized among the universal acceptances of the Interior Architecture profession that the approach and intervention to historical buildings should be the product of a conscious approach.
Within the framework of its education, EMU Department of Interior Architecture has strived to create awareness, methods of approaches and sensible solutions for the future and carries out design practices every semester at “Interior Architecture Studio-IV”. In this framework, existing buildings with historical value are accepted as project areas and these buildings are designed to establish a relationship between the past and the future by resolving larger and multi-functional spaces. Design proposals are expected to be solved with independent structural additions. Human needs, culture, technology, indoor-outdoor relationship, furniture and equipment decisions are expected to be made regarding the space.
Aim of this course is to experience the overall process of design in interior architecture, starting with the existing building, concept development, functional issues, focusing on human needs, culture, indoor environment, human-environment relationships, spatial and formal configuration, interior space organization, lighting, color, technology, internal structure, internal finishing, and construction. The studio provides the students consciousness on contemporary conservation approaches for historical buildings as well as various ways of architectural thinking, creating, design and critical inquiry.
A digital exhibition of the “Interior Architecture Studio-IV” projects, which is about the last four semesters (2019-2022), was organized by the IFI Committee members Assoc. Dr. Asu Tozan and Research Assistant Aybike Solak. Prof. Dr. Özlem Olgaç Türker, Assoc. Dr. Hacer Basarir, Dr. Zehra Babutsalı Alpler, Lecturer Cavide Atukalp, Res. Asst. Sıla Akman, Res. Asst. Mine Abraşoğlu, Res. Asst. Mohamad Akkad, Res. Asst. Kerem Cemil Özer and Res. Asst. Sıla Su Yanar are the instructors of the above mentioned design studios, which took place in different historical buildings with various functional programs.
EMU makes it an incentive for the future in Interior Architecture education not only because it is the theme of 2022 IFI World Interiors Day, but also by feeling the pride of the past every semester.
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