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08/05/2021 Online

INDE.Summit 2021

Since its inception, the INDE.Awards has been about creating a legacy of excellence. It is an initiative that rewards greatness and innovation, where people and projects are recognised for their contribution to our industry and our region. For 2021, the awards program will evolve into a new experience, with a full day conference proceeding an evening of celebrations.

Over 1 day and 4 sessions, the INDE.Summit will bring together the most disruptive minds in our region for a symposium unlike any other. Progressive, cutting edge and region specific, the INDE.Summit goes beyond the awards, driving the knowledge that powers excellence.

The INDE.Summit 2021 will take place Thursday 5 August as a live broadcast.

The theme of the INDE.Summit is Develop/Undevelop

‘Development’ often goes unquestioned as a force that will deliver advancement, value and growth. But as the realities of climate, equity and health challenges play out locally, regionally and globally, it’s critical that we deeply consider what sort of advancement, value and growth we really need in our part of the world.

To ‘undevelop’ is not always the easy option. As architects and designers facilitate and arrange change, so too can they step back, learn the lessons of our neighbours and try to make a difference for the wellbeing of the populace and our fragile environment.

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