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01/02/2022 Aalborg, Denmark

With Love From Spain

The exhibition With Love from Spain in Aalborg, Denmark, is a collaboration between Utzon Center and the Aarhus School of Architecture. It is based on the research project “Escandinavia – Architectural dialogues between Denmark and Spain”, which investigates the fortunate parallelisms, influences and translations between Nordic and Spanish architectural cultures. The origin of this long-term affinity is to be found in the significant interest that Spanish architects had in Nordic architecture, extensively focused on its Modern Masters: Alvar Aalto, Erik Gunnar Asplund, Sigurd Lewerentz, Sverre Fehn, Arne Jacobsen, and Jørn Utzon.

This project highlights the relevance of Nordic Modernism for the architectural culture in an international context, grounded on two key aspects: refined care towards craftsmanship and delicate connection with the landscape. Thanks to the influence of their Nordic counterparts, Spanish architects have reinterpreted and re-elaborated these aspects in their own territory, originating a constructed landscape of undeniable relevance.

The exhibition is open to the public at Utzon Center until January 2022. It creates a sense of entering a Spanish landscape populated with 1:1 architectural installations designed by TEd´A arquitectos, Aulets and Luis Martinez Santa-María. Alongside the installations, recent works from 11 Spanish practices are on display. The selected practices are: Linazasoro&Sanchez, Nieto & Sobejano, Paredes Pedrosa, Luis Martínez Santa-María, Javier García Solera, Tabuenca &Leache arquitectos, BAAS, Harquitectes, Aulets, TEd’A arquitectes and Carles Oliver (IBAVI). The exhibition also includes excerpts from dialogues between the participants and a monthly Thursday talks series.